Teaming up with robots

This was a second time I attended the Hiring Success Conference in San Francisco, CA. On February 11 and 12, 1,200 attendees from industries across the board got together to shape the future of talent acquisition. One of the topics of discussion that piqued my interest was a session lead by Barbie Brewer, CPO of LoveToKnow Media and the Former VP of Talent for Netflix. It was a conversation about how technology can balance the distribution of ability coupled with intelligence and the availability of opportunity.

I have always been passionate about designing teams that work. It’s why I created Mojo Trek to collaborate with fellow leaders who need a global extension of their in-house development teams to find talented specialists in programming, software QA and testing, data science, and project management.

From ride-sharing to robotics and artificial intelligence, we know that technology is changing everything from how we commute, the way we work, and even the work that we perform. Technology is also creating an imperative for businesses to rapidly adapt. But there are several areas where the pace of change has yet to catch up with the new realities of digital life. Chief HR officers and recruiters must take the lead with agility and technology to deliver exponential value through a combination of remote and on-site employees, often to fill jobs that didn’t exist even two or three years ago.

What is the future of work? Is it possible for humans to work together as networked and adaptable teams enabled by digitalization and supplemented by artificial intelligence-enabled tools to create massive value for customers, the enterprise—and create new roles for workers we have yet to even imagine? I certainly hope so.

I believe it is our obligation as recruiters to deploy solutions that enable enterprises to access talent from across the wide array of open talent economy workforce sources—from traditional employment, to contingent, to crowd-sourced – to make the future a reality.

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