Our Services & Solutions

Technology recruitment

We identify, vet and attract the best talent to get the job done. We’ve created a powerful recruiting machine that puts the skills-based assessment front and center.

Technology solutions

With 24/5 support in mind, our skilled and dedicated professionals offer a perfect mash-up of code and soft skills that can help your organization quickly scale up your product development.

Why Mojo Trek


We take pride in the partnerships we make. You can expect dedication, attention, and results from every interaction with our team.


Our ability to deliver better than our market peers is a result of our high standards, years of industry expertise, and relentless commitment to results.


Have the confidence of working with professionals. Our Recruiters and Technologists bring experience and dedication to each engagement.


With delivery centers in the US and Eastern Europe we can provide options and flexibility that others can’t.


Our process is thorough, efficient, and transparent. We are constantly focused on results.


With effective and open communications you will know exactly what to expect and when.