Success Stories: Top 10 QSR Brand

How one of the largest fast-food companies in the world is launching a new point-of-sale
platform across 16k+ stores with MojoTrek’s help

The situation

One of the largest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) companies operates a network of company and franchise-owned stores in the US and international markets. In 2018, they needed to develop a new POS to streamline operations and build out their organizational structure to allow their more than 16,000 stores to run smoother.

In order to accomplish this, we had to quickly ramp up a team and get to work. I met with various contracting firms and most of them just bombarded me with seemingly random résumés they found in their databases. Working with MojoTrek was different.

Director of Application Architecture and Development

What we did

With a project this big, communication at all levels was crucial. We met with the client’s core team to understand their current situation, their desired outcome and the skills set they were looking for. With a deep dive into all aspects of their business to understand their needs, culture and hiring philosophy, we met with all stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of their ideal candidate.

With innovations like ordering kiosks, mobile integration and tap-and-go services gaining a foothold in the QSR industry, the team we presented to the client needed to have experience in producing scalable, optimized and future-proof solutions. Plus, the client wanted to ensure that each potential candidate is the right fit and well-positioned to be successful at their company.

I met with Marina and Olga, gave them the job descriptions for the positions I was looking to fill, and then had good, in-person discussions around details for those roles. They really worked to pick up on the little things that make people successful at our company but that don’t typically show up in a job description.

Director of Application Architecture and Development


We established a clear hiring plan and connected the goals of the client’s company to specific engineering and software development needs to be filled.

What did engineers need to have to succeed in this project? We invested the time and energy to understand just what it would take to be the right culture fit and what essential technical capabilities a candidate should possess. With that knowledge, we fine-tuned our interviewing and selection process to focus on the critical details and traits that made all the difference. As a result, we became an extension of our client’s team aligning our selection process with their expectations and hiring philosophy.

Ultimately, acquiring an intimate understanding of the client’s needs empowered us to attract and build the right team to ensure that each member contributes to the project’s success.

I received fewer but much higher quality candidates compared to other contracting firms. Finding skilled developers was proving especially difficult for our company and Marina and her team were able to find the people we needed. With Mojo Trek’s help, we were able to quickly ramp up our team and are well on our way to meeting our 2023 project goals.

Director of Application Architecture and Development

Services & Solutions

Mojo Trek

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We’ve created a powerful recruiting machine that puts skills-based assessment front and center to meet your contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire needs.

Success Stories

How did Mojo Trek support AlphaBot to strike a balance between quality and cost-effective web development to fuel growth and secure market share?

The quality of candidates Mojo Trek discovers is always excellent. Their team’s ability to understand my requirements, communicate efficiently and work smoothly makes them a valuable resource.

CEO of AlphaBot

How did Transeo eliminate time-consuming paper-based processes to track community service hours? MojoTrek helped to turn their vision into reality.

We came to Mojo Trek with a nearly impossible timeline and a constrained set of requirements and they found us an effective, passionate, and talented team member, while simultaneously providing project oversight to ensure successful delivery.

CTO, Transeo Architecture and Development

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