Candidate Testimonials: Anna Rakow

Sr Business Analyst at a technology services company specializing in
employee benefits, a top 50 recognized brand in the world

Anna Rakow

Anna Rakow’s Skills: product prototype, teamwork, driving internal
innovation, solutions specialist, data analysis.

Job hunting can be painful, so when I was approached by Mojo Trek, I was grateful to find a team of people who had vetted out positions and were able to give me answers to see if a position might be the right fit for me.

The right fit makes the difference

As a Senior Business Analyst who likes solving puzzles and working proactively to find new solutions to problems, the position we found ended up being a really good fit for me with a growing health and benefits company on a prototype team.

A team that cares about continued job success

I’m coming up on one year with this company, I really like the team I work with and I’ve been able to rely on Mojo Trek whenever I’ve needed them.


You have the skills: We have the opportunities. Whether you are looking to advance your career or thinking of changing jobs, we can help you reach your professional goals.

Our team works passionately for you to get the right career opportunity across a wide range industries and functions.

Candidate Testimonials

The team at Mojo Trek made it possible for me to develop valuable relationships in the industry, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them in the future! Thank you for all your help along the way!

I had an exceptional experience working with Mojo Trek and their team, they delivered on all their promises which in turn helped me reach my professional goals in working with a variety of new tools and technologies.

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