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When you work with Mojo Trek, we make a commitment to you. From day one we listen, always keep you informed, and strive to make working with us easy – for both you and our candidates. We accomplish this with our unique recruiting process, a process that impacts each touchpoint for the duration of the engagement.


Mojo Trek knows HealthTech Recruitment

Mojo Trek’s healthcare IT staffing team works as a consultative partner. We consult with you on the technologies and outcomes you require, and create a thoughtful strategy to deliver the full-time or contract team to make it happen.

Quality over Quantity in HealthTech Staffing

We deliver IT excellence without compromise. Our best-in-class recruiters prioritize the skills you need and use technical screenings AND coding assessments to find the best talent for your role. Our clients see better-qualified candidates. We never fill a position and leave. If things change, we’re there to support your needs.

Respect is Key

One of our most emphasized company values is respect. This applies to everyone who interacts with our team. Throughout your entire time working with us, you’ll be met with respect and integrity.

Focused on Diversity in Tech

Mojo Trek is a WBENC certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE). We aim to help the tech industry and our clients’ talent pools better reflect the diversity of the world. And we walk the walk, expanding our diversity and inclusion commitment through our hiring practices, our business partnerships, and our community engagement.

Our HealthTech Recruitment Focus

Technology in the healthcare industry is an ever-moving, constantly evolving target that puts a strain on the IT talent pipeline. We spend time every day getting to know the people and the skills that impact the success of healthtech companies.

Mojo Trek’s extensive network of technology experts enables us to find the high-quality, best fit talent for your open roles.

Mojo Trek

Contract and Permanent HealthTech Staffing

As your healthcare IT recruiter, we’ve developed close relationships with some of the industry’s best talent. These professionals thrive on projects that keep them engaged and creating the next generation of technologies. Whether you are looking to improve medical records access, enhance the security and control of healthcare transactions, or develop a telehealth platform, they are the experts you can rely on.



Mojo Trek has a vast network of healthtech professionals interested in contract work, whether for

  • Telehealth
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • or a host of other applications.

Let’s get your new solution designed and delivered.

Direct Hire

Ready to grow your team? Our healthcare IT staffing experts help you fill permanent positions.

From placing programmers and analysts to conducting healthtech leadership searches, our staffing agency has a deep network of job seekers at all levels.

At Mojo Trek, we strive to do our very best for every client. Let us help you achieve your recruiting goals.

Our HealthTech Clients

Mojo Trek works with Fortune 1000, rapid growth, and mid-sized companies between $10M and $1B in revenue.
Our clients are growing rapidly and heavily rely on technology. Our healthtech clients specialize in the following areas:




Digital Health Records

Medical Record Systems

Revenue Cycle Management

Third Party Administrators

Success Stories

How did Mojo Trek support AlphaBot to strike a balance between quality and cost-effective web development to fuel growth and secure market share?

The quality of candidates Mojo Trek discovers is always excellent. Their team’s ability to understand my requirements, communicate efficiently and work smoothly makes them a valuable resource.

CEO of AlphaBot

How did one of the largest fast-food companies in the world launch a new point-of-sale platform across 16k+ stores with Mojo Trek’s help?

I met with various contracting firms and most of them just bombarded me with seemingly random résumés they found in their databases. Working with Mojo Trek was different.

Director of Application Architecture and Development

How did Transeo eliminate time-consuming paper-based processes to track community service hours? MojoTrek helped to turn their vision into reality.

We came to Mojo Trek with a nearly impossible timeline and a constrained set of requirements and they found us an effective, passionate, and talented team member, while simultaneously providing project oversight to ensure successful delivery.

CTO, Transeo Architecture and Development

Specialized Healthcare IT Professionals

At Mojo Trek, our candidates speak the language of today’s technologies. Whether you need an expert to provide an
outside perspective, or a full team to get your projects done, we have you covered.

Java Development

.Net Development

API Development

Node.js Development

Javascript Development

Distributed Systems

Front End Development


Back End Development

AWS (Amazon Web Services)


QA (Quality Assurance)


Business Analysts

Machine Learning

System Analysts

Data Engineers

AI (Artificial Intellegence)



Technical Leadership


UI/UX Designers

The Mojo Trek Way:
Our HealthTech Recruiting Process Works

Your healthcare IT candidates are selected based on the skills you require. We then review their work, their background, and their references – from both employers and peers – to understand how they would fit your role.

The shortlist you receive is pre-vetted. We’ll never send you a candidate or offer a solution that hasn’t been fully reviewed with your needs in mind. Our process continues even after you’ve interviewed and hired your healthcare IT professional. We are dedicated to ensuring your new hires or contract teammates are living up to all stakeholder expectations.

Let’s connect so we can begin the process that aligns with your needs.

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