Financial Technology Staffing at its Finest

When you work with Mojo Trek, you’ll immediately experience the difference in the consultative approach we take in working with you and in recruiting the right Fintech talent.


Decades of Fintech Recruitment Experience

Our senior recruiters have developed long-standing relationships with some of the best and brightest developers in the fintech industry. Whether you need to secure digital transactions using blockchain, develop a digital assets exchange platform, or use technology to tackle a complex compliance solution, Mojo Trek can identify and attract the right talent to your organization.

Quality is our Focus

We’ve created a powerful recruiting machine that puts skills-based assessment front and center. We conduct technical phone screens AND coding assessments. Our clients see better-qualified candidates.

Respect is Key

We meet people with different professional, educational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds and treat them equally courteously and with utmost respect. From the initial discussion about your business goals through to on boarding completion, we promise:

  • To be an expert you can rely on.
  • To focus on quality, not quantity.
  • To continuously build our relationship and always take ownership.

Committed to Diversity in Tech

Mojo Trek is a WBENC certified Women-Owned Small Business and Women-Owned Business Enterprise. We aim to help the tech industry and our clients’ talent pools better reflect the diversity of the world. And we walk the walk, expanding our diversity and inclusion commitment through our hiring practices, our business partnerships, and our community engagement.

We’re The Right Tech Staffing Partner for the Job

We know technology. But more specifically, we know financial technology. Mojo Trek’s tech-savvy recruiters have been heavily involved since the earliest days of fintech recruiting.

There is no room for errors or compliance headaches when providing financial planning and advice. The same holds true for tech staffing. We carefully review each candidate’s background, experience, and technical skills to ensure they have what it takes for your company.

Contract and Permanent Financial Technology Hiring

Mojo Trek is the singular place to turn for all fintech staffing. Right away you’ll see the benefits of working with a staffing company that focuses on fintech recruiting. It starts with tech-focused recruiters and a deep network of talent.


Contract workers fill gaps across numerous categories of fintech. Are you developing a new solution to store and exchange digital records? We can help. Implementing digital assets to accelerate the trade? We can help there, too.

From filling one role to delivering an entire team, let’s talk about how Mojo Trek’s network can address your skill gaps.

Direct Hire

We have a deep network of top fintech talent with experience developing financial platforms and digital assets. The financial technology experts we recruit are ready to start your digital transformation and bring your app, website, or platform to life.

Put our recruiting team, connections, and topical expertise to work finding your next tech hire.

Our Fintech Clients

Mojo Trek works with Fortune 1000, rapid growth, and mid-sized companies between $10M and $1B in revenue.
Our clients are growing and heavily rely on technology teams. Fintech companies we work with include:


Financial Software Solutions


Investment Management


Risk & Compliance Solutions


Financial Services


Digital Assets


Success Stories

How did Mojo Trek support AlphaBot to strike a balance between quality and cost-effective web development to fuel growth and secure market share?

The quality of candidates Mojo Trek discovers is always excellent. Their team’s ability to understand my requirements, communicate efficiently and work smoothly makes them a valuable resource.

CEO of AlphaBot

How did one of the largest fast-food companies in the world launch a new point-of-sale platform across 16k+ stores with Mojo Trek’s help?

I met with various contracting firms and most of them just bombarded me with seemingly random résumés they found in their databases. Working with Mojo Trek was different.

Director of Application Architecture and Development

How did Transeo eliminate time-consuming paper-based processes to track community service hours? MojoTrek helped to turn their vision into reality.

We came to Mojo Trek with a nearly impossible timeline and a constrained set of requirements and they found us an effective, passionate, and talented team member, while simultaneously providing project oversight to ensure successful delivery.

CTO, Transeo Architecture and Development

In-demand Fintech Skills

Identifying the best fintech talent requires understanding the skills and languages needed. We recruit candidates for technical, independent contributor, and manager-level roles.
Here are just a few examples of the areas of expertise held by those in our network:



Distributed Application (DApp) Development

Javascript Development

Node.js Development


React Development

API Development

Java Development

.Net Development

Golang Development


Python Development

Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Scala Development


Mobile Development

Big Data

Smart Contract

Data Security & Encrypted Transactions

AI (Artificial Intellegence)

Machine Learning

Streaming Data



Distributed Systems

Mojo Trek

The Mojo Trek Way:
We Have a Fintech Recruiting Process, and it Works

To become a top global fintech recruiter requires a system. It requires a process. And that process starts with listening – closely. At Mojo Trek, our consulting hat stays on from start to finish, bringing fintech staffing insights to the discussion. And as we develop a shortlist of candidates, or pull together a team to take on a high-priority project, we keep you informed each step of the way, and check in regularly to ensure we’re still aligned.

During the recruiting process, you’ll have a high-touch experience. We review every resume and conduct in-depth technical assessments, interviews, and provide feedback from the Mojo Trek team.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process, reach out.
We’d be happy to walk you through it.

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