Whether you are looking to hire exceptional talent or need immediate on-the-ground technological support, Mojo Trek has top-tier recruiters as well as deep experience in software development to respond to your needs.

With a presence in both the US and Europe, we offer a continuous 24/5 workflow and a flexible delivery model to enable the agility, responsiveness and innovation necessary to survive and succeed in business today. We can engage in projects at any stage or level of involvement and we have the pricing power that gives us a competitive advantage.

We understand that many of our customers and partners are undergoing economic stress due to COVID-19. We strive to be as flexible as possible during these challenging times to help our clients build their business continuity plans.

Technology recruitment and staffing

Our clients hire us to go beyond filling their workforce gaps. Fit is important, but not at the expense of skill. Skills and capabilities required to play key roles may not exist internally, and opportunities to upgrade talent always exist; new blood brings fresh ideas and perspectives into an organization.

At Mojo Trek we are committed to deliver top talent with the skills necessary to develop state-of-art digital platforms, AI models, software development and cloud-based solutions. We create on- and off-site teams that meet those needs with the right talent, skills, structure, technology and culture.

Our best-in-class recruiters vet and attract the best talent to get the job done. We know that the key to organisational success is largely dependent on having the right people with the right skills in the right roles. To be effective and productive we need to nurture and retain resilient, creative and agile performers at every level. With that in mind, we’ve created a powerful recruiting machine that puts the skills-based assessment front and center. Our talented team members can ramp up swiftly, so your projects keep moving forward, milestones are achieved and expectations are exceeded. We are engaged in every aspect of the hiring process, supporting you to evolve your recruiting function while anticipating and planning for your future hiring needs.

Technology solutions

As subject-matter experts in delivering technology solutions, Mojo Trek is also available to deliver on-demand talent. With 24/5 support in mind, we provide skilled, dedicated professionals to augment your in-house teams and help you to produce on time and in line with both investor and stakeholder expectations.

Spanning a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, we bring together skilled professionals from data scientists, software or data engineers, product managers to software QA analysts to reduce your time to market, decrease costs, improve efficiency and ultimately ensure your project is a success.

With our deep technical expertise, we can “speak the language” and help you through every stage of development, from idea to design to completion. It’s a perfect mash-up of code and soft skills that can help your organization tackle your most complex software challenges and quickly start and scale up your product development.

Whether we’re supplying on-demand skilled support, developing your next tailored software solution or specialized app, or designing and developing web and mobile applications that transform your business, Mojo Trek can help you significantly decrease your development and testing costs and deliver excellence without compromise.