COVID-19 Response: Get involved

As the entire city braces itself for what’s to come, consider helping those who are less fortunate and the most vulnerable. There are ways to contribute and get involved while practicing #socialdistancing and taking care of yourself and your family by staying in.

Below are a few organizations through which you can help:

    • Children First Fund is the Chicago Public Schools Foundation to support kids in inner-city. They have a Compassion Fund for Covid-19. One of the ways they help our community today is by serving meals to kids and their families every day as public schools remain closed. Donate here.
    • Senior Viral Response program by My Block, My Hood, My City. The organization ensures seniors have access to hand sanitizer, health supplements, and food. You can either volunteer or donate.

Too many people will not be able to pay their bills at the end of the month because their workplace is closed and they lost the only income stream they had. Tip your delivery guy more generously. Order to pick up groceries for your elderly neighbor. Keep your membership in a local privately-operated gym. Be kind. Take notice.

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